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When I left my practice as an ER doctor to start a natural skin-care line, it didn’t occur to me that I would be entering the “beauty” industry. If I had thought of it that way, I might not have chosen to make the leap. I don’t think of skin care as a beauty issue: Skin care is a health issue, no different from the food I put on my dinner plate or the time I take to exercise every day. So many of us have become numb to the synthetic fragrances and potentially harmful ingredients we’re using on our skin, and I—like many of my fellow green-brand founders—am on a mission to educate and create change. It’s time to wake up and smell the body oil.

Why would you choose an organic skin-care brand over a conventional one?

For the same reasons you’d choose organic food over conventional food: to limit your exposure to chemicals that are potentially hazardous to your health and the planet. Let me disclose from the outset that I am a believer in the organic movement. But I’m not a believer because it’s on trend or because I’ve succumbed to fear-mongering or because I grow and harvest my own lavender. I believe in organic skin care because I’m a physician who has cared for thousands of sick people and have seen illness in all its forms. I believe we have the power to harm ourselves or heal ourselves with our daily choices, and choosing organic is one way to support our health and the health of the planet we share. Many people make this choice when it comes to food, but the products we use on our skin should be next in line.

Your skin absorbs much of what you put on it, and there’s mounting evidence that ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance are causing myriad problems, from endocrine disruption to allergic reactions to chemical sensitivity. By choosing an organic skin-care brand or a brand that uses mostly organic ingredients, you are filtering out potential toxins and irritants in products you’re using on your skin.

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