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The media has a habit of making people think it’s expensive to take care of themselves properly or that, spending a lot of money on health care, is money well spent. Sometimes, this is okay when it comes to being admitted to hospital, but other times, when it comes to creams and products that claim to be revolutionary and used by celebrities, money is unnecessarily spent.

Don’t let people trick you into thinking you can’t afford to practice good self love. A lot of the time self love has to do with how you live, not what you buy

I hope this article benefits you πŸ•Š

H e r e – W e – g o ❀

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β—‡ Water

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Drink more water to keep your body hydrated and to flush out bad toxins.

β—‡ Sleep

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Get enough sleep in order to stay energised and at your best during the day.

β—‡ Exercise

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Exercise 5 times a week for 30-40 minutes to maintain overall health and to keep your body fit and lean.

β—‡ Floss

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Floss twice a day to ensure no food gets between teeth and causes cavities. Keep teeth clean after meals.

β—‡ Exfoliating

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Exfoliate face and areas such as legs and butt to prevent black heads and ingrown hairs. Exfoliating will keep skin moist and healthy.

β—‡ Sunscreen & Lotion

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Use lotion and sunscreen to prevent dry and flaky skin. Use sunscreen each day to protect skin from melanoma, even when the sun is not very hot.

β—‡ Diet

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Maintain a balanced diet to maintain good energy levels, internal health, physical health and overall health.

β—‡ Nature

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Spend time in nature as a detox from busy city life and technology. Do this as often as possible to distance yourself from busy life as often as possible

β—‡ Laughter

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Do things and spend time with people who bring you joy. This will maintain an overall positive and good feeling in your life.

β—‡ Self love

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Remember to prioritise self care, which comes in many different forms, differing from person to person. To one person this may be baking, to another listening to good music or painting your nails.

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