Best Bodybuilding Apps

As the trend of being fit is very high, people now search for some kind of service which is easy like apps for bodybuilding and yoga. In this article we have mentioned few best workout apps bodybuilding which will help you a lot for your workout.

  • Body Space – It is like a mix of Facebook and collection of workout videos and tips. It provides free social network through which many websites can be operated. You can track your exercises and get connected with fitness minded people for inspiration.

BodySpace boldybuilding app on iPhone and Android

  • Body Weight – When there is no gym equipment, you can go for this app. It has individual exercises ans sequences for body weight, with detailed description and video. This is the perfect app for bodybuilding at home.
  • Elite Interval Training – It is the app for people who like to workout without wasting their time. You can create your own workout sessions and stop it anytime when you are done. You can listen to good workout music in this app while working out.
  • BAU5 Workout – It is specially for people who are looking for weight training. It provides detailed instructions of how to do the exercise. It is available in ios.
  • JEFIT – It is a very popular app for workout. It has huge collection of exercises for variety of fitness levels. You can create your own custom workouts. It has mini social network which allows to connect with people who use this app and you can also compare your progress with them. It is available in ios and android both. It is the best workout apps bodybuilding.
  • GainGuy – It guides you for your eating habits also. It is very important app for those who are looking for bulking up. You can track your calorie intake and features meal plan. The app gives you alert of eating when it is the time, so that you take your food seriously.

GainGuy app running on iPhone next to skipping rope and boxing gloves

  • Strongur – Those who are very serious for weight lifting, this app is best for them. You can make your own workout sessions in this and it will keep the track of it. You can see trainer’s instructions and style of training through paying some amount.

Fitness is very important. Eating healthy and being happy from inside keeps you fit and live long. We hope this article would have helped you to select the best workout apps bodybuilding. Keep exercising and be fit.